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Nirvana in Fire Chapter 26: Late Night Visitor

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you and all your loved ones have an amazing holiday! <3 Any other present procrastinators undergoing present-hunting stress?


Chapter 26: Late Night Visitor

            Strictly speaking, this person shouldn’t be termed a visitor, since the Snow Cottage Mei Changsu currently resides in is actually in her home. Only, she had never came for a visit during all this time. Continue reading “Nirvana in Fire Chapter 26: Late Night Visitor”

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Nirvana in Fire Chapter 24: Provoking the Enemy Envoy with Wit

I’m alive again! Yaaaay! Sorry for the disappearance again. I’m back with regular updates now! Woot woot!

Q: So how fast are “regular updates”, Levvy?
A: I don’t know. We’ll find out! At least a chapter a week though, but I’m aiming for more.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience. Happy winter! \o/

Chapter 24: Provoking the Enemy Envoy with Wit Continue reading “Nirvana in Fire Chapter 24: Provoking the Enemy Envoy with Wit”


Status Update

Hey guys, just a quick status update.

I’m alive and haven’t been kidnapped by aliens. However, the super-evil-doom is taking up all my energy and time, so I won’t be able to release any chapters currently. Nirvana in Fire releases will likely resume about early- to mid-December. I don’t plan on dropping NiF unless I am requested to do so by the author or other rightsholders.

Sorry for the wait, and thank you for your understanding. Good luck to all fellow sufferers from exams and similar evilness!

On another note, I’m not sure how many translators/people in translation teams follow NiF here, but, uh… Has anyone received an e-mail from Qidian/Yuwen regarding a collaboration? If you have or know any news about this, I would love to get in touch with you. I can be reached at, or you can leave a comment below. (I know nothing about the novel translating community. T_T)

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Nirvana in Fire Chapter 23: Challenge

A purple blob is turning into a purple puddle. /o/ Enjoy the “action”!


Chapter 23: Challenge

Everyone paid their gratitudes and took their seats. The Emperor of Liang ordered maids to fill each table with fragrant wine and favoured everyone with three cups. He waited until everyone drank their wine, then said, “This banquet is graced by the presence of gallant warriors and great fighters. Everyone here must be gallant gentlemen to be able to claim final victory.  My intention for hosting today’s banquet is to honour your accomplishments and congratulate you. Heroes are great drinkers. Everyone may drink another cup.” Continue reading “Nirvana in Fire Chapter 23: Challenge”

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New Nirvana in Fire Drama News

There’s finally some more concrete information about the new Nirvana in Fire drama! I thought this might be of interest to some of you, considering how most readers seem to have watched the drama. On another note, I feel like I’ve just sunk deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole since I started this website… I wasn’t this obsessed before. >_>

The completely spoiler-free summary is: Continue reading “New Nirvana in Fire Drama News”

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Nirvana in Fire Chapter 22: Emperor of Liang

Happy November! Hope everyone had a fun Halloween! Ahh, time flies. The doom is rolling closer… I know my releases have never been fast and I don’t exactly have a schedule, but as an early heads-up, they probably won’t get any faster until early December has passed. :( Meanwhile, please send me all brain cells. Thanks.

On a brighter note, we’re on Book 2 now! Woot woot! (That’s just how the web novel was divided. It’s different front the books of the physical volume. We still have a long way to go!)

Continue reading “Nirvana in Fire Chapter 22: Emperor of Liang”

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Nirvana in Fire Chapter 21: Guidepost of Mu

Do you like stats? I like stats. (I was curious okay? It wasn’t wasting time. >: It’s like…scratching an itch!)

Chapter 21: Guidepost of Mu

Mei Changsu arrived before the Phoenix Building the next day as promised. He took a seat within the Marquess of Ning’s tent, with Xie Bi accompanying him at his side. Sure enough, before the tournament began, a eunuch in green robes appeared, a Royal Edict in hand, and announced the new addition to the tournament. It was a Royal Edict, and there was sufficient justification, so nobody voiced any opposition. The announcement quickly concluded and did not delay the start of the tournament. Continue reading “Nirvana in Fire Chapter 21: Guidepost of Mu”

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Nirvana in Fire Chapter 20: Baili Qi

You guys are super biased towards our little Feiliu. Although, I’m guilty as well… Commander Meng is really strong though! 

Chapter 20: Baili Qi

Mei Changsu did not go to watch any more matches during the next few days. He stayed behind and rested at the Snow Cottage with the excuse of his poor health. Thankfully, after appraising him the other day, both the Crown Prince and Prince Yu did not think Mei Changsu to be someone who would easily yield to favour or might. As they have yet to come up with a new way to lure him to their side, neither party came forward to pester him. Mei Changsu spent his days reading books and playing the guqin, and focused his entire energy on recovery. As a result, he really began to look much healthier. Continue reading “Nirvana in Fire Chapter 20: Baili Qi”